Hello there! My name is Sondra Jean.

Basically, I am a 50 something mom of two (awesome) sons in their 20 something, one beautiful French daughter in law, one cute as a button grand daughter, two recued cats and several precious friendships- ALL of which I am grateful for.

I am Most grateful for my loving husband of whom I love dearly and respect greatly.

More of who I am will be revealed as this blog progresses, as this journey unfolds.

This site is a place to honor mom’s and share our loves, lives, and laughs. To be heard and not judged, to be inspired and encouraged.
The Name of my blog If You Give a MOM a Minute came to me as I often realize I have an “extra” minute before I need to get out the door and then realize how many things I do before I actually get out the door…
I have also said (all too often) “In a minute” before helping someone else…
I will be sharing my actualities and remembrances and I hope to hear from many of you how you spend your “extra” “In a” minute(s) …



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