Those Little Moments in Time…

The other day I was minding my own busy business, going about my day “cooking cleaning ironing scrubbing” as my husband says, when I get a photo text from my youngest son.  It is a picture of a water tower asking me if it looks familiar.  I texted back “Yes?… Are you in the area?”.                      You see he is back on a college campus working towards a Masters Program.  He is only an hour and a half away which is close compared to the 11 hours away he once was… And we did just have lunch together the previous week.                                                                                                                                      But all of you mom’s know, that ‘If You Give a Mom a Minute ‘ she will, if possible, drop everything to see her children, no mater if they are 5 or 25, which my son happens to be (the latter).                             He texted back “yes”. He was going to the movies with a friend and then out for Sushi at a favorite spot. It happened that I would be running errands “down that way” and we agreed to meet up.            It was only a moment , but it was grand.  I picked him up some power bars and biscuits to take back with him, because you know that we Always think our kids need food.  We hugged and chatted in the parking lot, they went in for food and I went home filled with joy at these (literal) minutes in time.
Thank you my son for blessing me with that moment.  One I will never forget and may even Blog about  🙂



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  1. So sweet and precious are your thoughts and unending love for them. I think God’s heart toward us is strikingly similar. 💞💞😂

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